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Preschool through Middle School
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Welcome to Wauwatosa Catholic School


Wauwatosa Catholic School serves a diverse community of learners by teaching our students to live Christ centered lives, to embrace Catholic values, and to excel academically, while developing leaders who have a passion to serve and create a better world.

We welcome parents and their children to take a closer look at Wauwatosa Catholic School! Contact us anytime throughout the school year for a personal tour or shadowing opportunity for your child(ren) while school is in session. To schedule a tour or request information, please call the school office at 414-258-9977 or email us.

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“When searching for an elementary school for our children, we looked for a school that provided a safe, welcoming environment, with a good education grounded in our Catholic faith. What we found was a caring community family that with its foundation of inquiry based learning, fostered a love of knowledge, understanding and compassion of our world in our kids and without doubt has prepared them to grow both in maturity of their relationships with friends, family, God and themselves as well as in their pursuit of higher education. We are forever grateful for Wauwatosa Catholic and its vast impact on our family.”  -Tara V, WCS parent

"Ms. Carr has been such a wonderful teacher for my daughter. She is thriving in this environment and is becoming more independent and confident by the day. Ms. Carr's creativity and flexibility to meet students where they are and develop them is wonderful and much appreciated. To be honest, I have been blown away by Ms. Carr and all of the interactions I have had with her as a teacher starting with our initial meeting. Kudos to Ms. Carr- a true asset to WCS!"  -Elizabeth L, WCS parent

“The school is so inviting and my son is really happy to be there. I can't explain how relieved we are that his experience is so positive. It is a “family” vibe. My feedback is very positive. I say keep up the great vibe and the whole school will continue to be happy. Thank you for all you do!!”  -Nicole C, WCS parent

"I was at Mass this afternoon and wanted to make a couple of comments about the school children. They were all so incredibly well behaved and respectful - it was quite impressive. And the students who did readings, announcements and intentions were stellar! I heard a number of other adults in attendance comment on how poised and polished they were. Kudos to the students, parents and staff of WCS!”  -St. Bernard’s parishioner