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Preschool through Middle School
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Catholic Identity

Religion is an integral part of our daily program. A formal class, a planned liturgy or a prayer service is experienced daily. Our main task is to create an environment  for young people to learn Christian values and principles while at the same time teaching Catholic Doctrine. Only approved religious texts are used in the formal religion classes and in the Catholic Family Life Program. Guidelines prepared by the Bishops of the United States are followed in all of our sacramental and liturgical preparations.

We follow the liturgical calendar and plan religious activities to support the teachings of the Catholic Church. Several school-wide activities are planned and implemented as part of our mission with Christian formation.

Preparation of the student for the reception of sacraments is the responsibility of the parish and parents/legal guardian(s). Students attending Wauwatosa Catholic School have daily opportunities to grow in understanding the doctrine and traditions of our faith. Penitential celebrations are held regularly with each parish community. Students in second grade are formally prepared for the reception of First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation.

Wauwatosa Catholic School provides students with prayer experiences daily. Prayers are recited each day in the classroom. The students in grades K4 through eighth grade attend an All School Mass at least once a week (on Wednesdays), with special liturgies and prayer services throughout the year. The students in the older grades pair up with students in the younger grades (i.e. 8th grade and K4) for Mass buddies. Each week a grade level plans the All School Mass. The students write an introduction, read the First Reading, write the Petitions and present the gifts. All parents and family members are welcome to join us.

Activities to celebrate our faith are built into each classroom. These celebrations can either be individual classrooms or they can be school-wide initiative. Examples include Advent and Lent prayer services, Jesse Tree, Stations of the Cross, praying the Rosary and an All School Christmas concert. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Children's Choir, Handbells and/or be Altar Servers. The Catholic Herald Family newsletter is also sent home monthly to all school families.



"Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, as indeed you do."
(1 Thessalonians 5:11)


Service to others is an essential part of the message of our Catholic faith. Students in all grades are encouraged to participate in various opportunities throughout the school year. Our Catholic values are evident in the daily life of our school community and lead our students to a greater awareness of their responsibility to serve the needs of others. Some examples of all school service projects are listed below:

  • On the first Friday of every month during spirit wear day students bring a canned/boxed food donation for the food pantry.

  • Feeding America Peanut Butter and Jelly Challenge: During the month of February Wauwatosa Catholic school students donated 261 pounds of peanut butter and jelly! Several students were able to drop off the food donations with the Principal.

  • Candy Drive for the Ronald McDonald House: Wauwatosa Catholic School hosted a Halloween candy drive to benefit our local Ronald McDonald House. The candy was delivered to Wauwatosa's Ronald McDonald House for distribution to its guest families.

  • Operation Christmas Child: Wauwatosa Catholic School participated in Operation Christmas Child, an organization that puts together a Christmas box full of goodies to send overseas to children in impoverished areas of the world. The boxes are put together with lots of love and prayed over in hopes to make a positive change in children's lives. Samaritans Purse (a faith organization) makes one final fill, putting a bible in each box and again gathering a team where they pray over the boxes in hope that they bring some sort of light from the Lord.

  • Christmas Sock Tree for Vets

  • Christmas and Easter Cards for the Homebound

  • Safe Water for Life and Dignity: Wauwatosa Catholic School students participated in activities that addressed the need for safe water. Funds were also collected to support the building of wells through the "Safe Water for Life and Dignity" (SWLD).

How Our Students Practice Their Faith Daily

  • Daily Prayer
  • All School Mass

    Each week a different grade level plans the All School Mass. The students write an introduction, read the First Reading, write the Petitions and present the gifts. All parents and family members are welcome to attend Mass.

  • Mass Buddies
  • Advent and Lent Prayer Services
  • Stations of the Cross
  • All School Christmas Concert
  • Service

Weekly Prayer Corner

We ask that you include WCS students, families and staff in your prayers. If there is someone in your family that you would like to pray for, please email the family member's name to include in our weekly prayer corner.

Catholic Schools Walk

In early fall WCS families, teachers and staff, parish members and friends participate in the annual "Soles for Catholic Education" walk at Mount Mary University to raise awareness of the benefits of Catholic education. What makes this walk unique is that we gather as an archdiocesan community, but schools keep the money they raise to be used for tuition assistance. See you at the starting line!