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Preschool through Middle School
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Wauwatosa Catholic School has an "all-inclusive" tuition structure which includes book/material fees, playground fees, technology fees and one educational field trip (grades K4-8). Tuition dollars help to cover a portion of the total cost to educate your child. The tuition structure is competitive and comparable to our neighboring schools, thanks to the financial support of our two sponsoring parishes St. Bernard and St. Pius X and the success of our fundraising efforts (i.e. annual auction for education and skate nights).

SY 23-24 Tuition Registration Contract


2023-2024 Tuition Schedule

Grade Level

Early Childhood (K3) – 2 days

Early Childhood (K3) – 3 days

Early Childhood (K3) – 5 days

One Child ½ Day K4

One Child – All Day (K4-8th)

Two Children –  All Day (K4-8th)

Three Children – All Day (K4-8th)

Additional Children (K4-8th) 

Tuition - Active Parishioner








+$1,650 each


Tuition – Non-Parishioner








+$2,300 each

Parishioner Tuition Rate Requirements: To qualify for the St. Bernard Parish or St. Pius X Parish parishioner tuition rate the family must be a registered member of the supporting parish, have submitted your stewardship commitment card, participate regularly in the prayer and worship life, demonstrate stewardship through sharing time and talent, and contribute financially on a regular basis. Please note, you must have turned in your stewardship commitment card to your parish prior to turning in your registration paperwork, otherwise you will be charged the non-parishioner tuition rate. Failure to fulfill the parishioner agreement will result in the re-assessment of the parishioner discount.