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Preschool through Middle School
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Athletic Association

The Wauwatosa Catholic School Athletic Program supplements the educational process through participation in sports and serves as an opportunity to utilize and further develop the skills being taught in the classroom. Though we recognize the importance of winning, we do not support the "win at all cost" philosophy. It is our hope that all of our coaches and parents will create an atmosphere that will allow each individual to develop self improvement, self esteem, leadership, and a competitive sportsmanlike spirit.

Sportsmanlike conduct towards other teams, fans, coaches, and referees is a requirement. It is expected that the Wauwatosa Catholic School players and coaches will shake hands and congratulate the opposing players and coach at the end of each event, win or lose. The athletic experience is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

The Wauwatosa Catholic School Athletic Association meets once a month over the course of the entire year. Please check the school calendar for meeting dates, times and locations.

Members of the Athletic Association serve on a volunteer basis and current members may solicit participation of new members via parish bulletins and/or school newsletters. The Athletic Association is led by Chris Last, sport coordinators and the Director of Administrative Services. There are also members at large. Please email Chris Last with any question regarding athletics, the athletics association, coaching and/or to volunteer.

Please click on the name of the coordinator listed below in order to email them.

Soccer/Futsal Coordinator: Katie Koester

Volleyball Coordinator: Jess Krause

Basketball Coordinator: Jen Wills

Track & Field Coordinator: Judy Poston/Megan Gonzales

Athletic Director: Chris Last

Athletic Assocaition Members: Emily Brown, Matt Hawkins, and Lindsay Escott