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Preschool through Middle School
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Hot Lunch Program

Welcome to the Wauwatosa Catholic School Hot Lunch Program. My name is Janet Bultman and I have thirty (plus) years of experience in managing/operating school lunch programs. Please know that the children are fed a hot nutritious lunch at a reasonable cost. Students inform their teacher of their entrée selection each morning. The hot lunch menu is posted monthly on the homepage of the school website. The finances for the Hot Lunch Program are separate from tuition and child care billing. The program is self-supporting. Any profits are put back into the program’s equipment needs.


The hot lunch consists of a main entrée (choice of two), fruit (fresh or canned), a vegetable (fresh or canned), and milk (1% white or chocolate). The meats served are chicken, turkey, ground beef, and pork. The cost for hot lunch is [2019-2020 cost TBA] per day (includes 1 milk) per child. If a child would like an additional milk with their hot lunch they can purchase milk tickets for .50 cents.


Lunches are to be paid for in advance. I prefer that you pay a lump sum and lunches will be credited as they are consumed (children do not need to eat hot lunch everyday you can pick and choose). I will notify you by phone and/or email when your balance is low or negative. Please be sure to attend to this promptly. Hot lunch tickets are [2019-2020 cost TBA] per day per child and milk tickets are .50 cents. Hot lunch and/or milk tickets can be purchased two ways:

  • Parents or students can purchase from me during morning drop off outside of the school office OR
  • Send money (cash or check made payable to Wauwatosa Catholic School) in a sealed envelope labeled with child(ren)’s names and grade(s) in green school folder. Please indicate the quantity of lunches and/or milks. A fund balance and transaction register is maintained for each family that participates.
  • If your child is allergic to any food or dairy product it is imperative that you let me know. Please EMAIL me this information ASAP – please be sure to ask for a reply/confirmation.
  • We are not a “nut free” school, however there are “nut free” zones in the cafeteria and classrooms.
What if my child is late to school, gets sick and leaves early, forgets their cold lunch and/or has a low/negative balance?
  • If your child(ren) is/are going to be late to school, please phone in their order to the school office by 8:30am. If they are tardy, please be sure that their hot lunch choice is communicated to the school office when they arrive.
  • If your child gets sick at school prior to lunch time and does not eat hot lunch they will not be charged.
  • Children are allowed to “borrow” a hot lunch if they forget their cold lunch, forget their money for that day, or the account balance is insufficient.
  • Restaurant meals (ex. McDonalds or other fast food) and soda are not allowed at school.
  • A microwave oven is not available for student use during lunch periods.
  • Children that bring a cold lunch from home can purchase milk tickets for .50 cents. Water is also available.

We offer a reduced lunch cost to families that have financial challenges. To apply for assistance you will need to fill out the reduced lunch application available in the school office. This form must be completed each year to see if you qualify. Please complete the form and drop it off at the school office in a sealed envelope to my attention (all information will be kept confidential). I will notify you if you qualify.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via EMAIL or leave a message for me at the school office. I will return calls and emails promptly.Thank you for your participation and cooperation!


Mrs. Janet Bultman
Hot Lunch Coordinator