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Preschool through Middle School
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Hello Wauwatosa Catholic Families,

One of the many successes at Wauwatosa Catholic has been the focus and priority of the ideal of service that has been instituted into the daily lives of our students - service to each other, our school and our larger community. The students learn just how vital service can be through their daily school work and monthly service projects.

The Parent Involvement Program (PIP) is designed to involve parents in the life of the school. Your time and talent is an integral part of many programs at Wauwatosa Catholic: the auction, skate nights, middle school dances, playground, hot lunch, lunch recess, athletics, committees, classroom parents, field trip chaperones, etc. are all important elements to the life of our school. It is important that parents participate in the total educational experience of their children and PIP helps to provide this opportunity.

PIP has many goals:

  • Reduce tuition rates by having the parents/guardians of our students fulfill many of the responsibilities that may otherwise require paid positions.
  • Fully staff our revenue generating events. The school's operating budget is dependent on the success of the auction, fundraisers and activities, middle school dances, skate nights, etc... The success of these events is dependent on the hard work and dedication of our families.
  • Create a welcoming environment for each of our families by involving our parents/guardians in events throughout the year. We are more than a school for your child. Through PIP we become a community.

Parents are encouraged to participate in as many events as their personal schedules permit for the benefit of the school and your children. You are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to form friendships that will last a lifetime!

All families** are expected to fulfill a minimum of 40 service/volunteer hours per school year. At an average of about one hour per week, this minimal requirement is rather easy to obtain when you consider the vast number of opportunities to participate that exist. The requirement is to be fulfilled no later June 1st.

**Families with only one child in school in one of the half-day K3/K4 programs for 5 days per week are required to fulfill 20 hours. Families with only one child in school in K3 for 2 or 3 days per week are required to fulfill 10 hours. In signing the Registration/Tuition Contract form, parents understand and agree that as a Wauwatosa Catholic School family, you are expected to perform the required number of service hours.

Families are required to track their own hours for each activity and record them on the PIP Service Hours Record Sheet. When you complete your hours, please submit your form to the school office (no later than June 1st).


We will hold a quarterly drawing for a $25 SCRIP gift card of your choice for all families who submit ¼ of their expected hours to the school office by the following dates: . (For example: submit your PIP record form with 10 volunteer hours by (date) for a chance to be included in the 1st quarter drawing.)

All Wauwatosa Catholic School volunteers must have their Safeguarding All of God's Family requirements met prior to volunteering. Background checks are also required at least every five years. Please see the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Safeguarding All of God's Family website and/or the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Safeguarding All of God's Family instruction sheet for more information.

We understand that your time and talent may not always work within the volunteer opportunities available. If you would be able to make a donation in lieu of sharing your time and talent, please write a check made payable to Wauwatosa Catholic School and write PIP donation in the memo line.

Thank you in advance for your support and participation of PIP at Wauwatosa Catholic. We simply would not be the same community without you.

If you have any questions, please contact the School Office.


Hours Needed

  • 10 hours

    10 hours: Families with only 1 child in K3 for 2 or 3 days a week.

  • 20 hours

    20 hours: Families with only 1 child in a half day K3 or K4  programs for 5 days a week.

  • 40 hours

    40 hours: Families with 1 or more children in school all day.