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Preschool through Middle School
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School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board shall consist of:

Pastors and Trustees from each sponsoring parish* as ex officio members.

The School Advisory Board will also include an equal number of lay registered parishioners from each sponsoring parish*, minimum of two (2) from each parish, maximum of four (4) from each parish. Other than the first year, when the board appointments are made by the pastors, these lay parishioners shall be determined by the supporting parish councils.

The School Advisory Board may also include up to three (3) members with no membership in a sponsoring parish. Other than the first year, when these non-supporting parish members are appointed by the pastors, these members are appointed by the School Advisory Board.

The parish Trustees may both participate, one may participate or they may alternate their participation.  However, for the purpose of determining a quorum and for any matter before the Board requiring a vote, the Trustees shall constitute one member, one vote per participating parish.

*Sponsoring parishes are St. Bernard and St. Pius X


Please click on the meeting agenda and/or meeting minutes dates below to view as pdf documents. Thank you

Executive Committee

  • Dan Hemsworth, Chair
  • , Vice Chair
  • , Secretary

St. Bernard Parish Board Members

  • Fr. Phillip Bogacki
  • , Parish Trustee
  • Melita Biese, Parish Trustee

St. Pius X Parish Board Members

  • Fr. Paul Portland (Pastor Designee)
  • Dennis Myers, Parish Trustee
  • Ron Skelton, Parish Trustee