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Auction Class Party

Frequently Asked Questions About Auction Class Parties
What is an Auction Class Party?

During the fall, a parent or parents from each grade level (or combination of grade levels) at Wauwatosa Catholic School volunteer to host/co-host an Auction Class Party. These parties involve parents coming together for nights of fun while raising money for the Annual Auction for Education. These parties are a great way to meet other parents of children in your child's class and have a great night out. Money raised at the class parties is used to help underwrite various auction expenses such as catering costs.

How can I host an Auction Class Party?

Please contact

What can we expect at an Auction Class Party?

Expect to meet other parents from your child's class and school. Generally, some food and drinks are provided. Perhaps the party has a theme or at a special local location (local restaurants, parks, etc). Stay for an hour, stay for several. Most importantly, just come and have a good time.

How will I get information about the parties?

Each party's host(s) will send out an invite to the party. This invite will have all of the information that you will need on how to plan your evening.

How much should we donate?

As a guide, we suggest a donation equal to (or greater than) what you would spend on a night out (dinner/drinks/movie).

What should I wear?

Always an important question! Use your party invite as your guide on this.

We want to come. What should we do?

Please RSVP to the host(s) of your class party in order for them to have enough food and drink on hand.

Can we bring anything?

Use your party invite as a guide on this. If the host(s) have asked their guests to bring something, please consider.


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