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Preschool through Middle School
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Looking to LOWER your Tuition Bill? Try SCRIP!

SCRIP is a year round fundraising program managed at each sponsoring parish (St. Bernard and St. Pius X). You purchase gift cards or certificates at face value. Merchants have provided these gift cards or certificates to the parishes at a discount that varies and is listed on the SCRIP order form for each parish. These discounts (SCRIP profits or rebates) are then accumulated and recorded for each school family. Fifty percent of the SCRIP profits earned by each family are returned to them as a credit on their tuition statements twice a year (January and May).

For example, if a family purchased just $100.00 each week of Pick n Save gift cards (currently 4% discount) for 52 weeks, the profit would be $208.00. Fifty percent (50%) of this ($104.00) would be credited to their tuition statement.

Families are allowed to earn SCRIP profit up to but not exceeding their total annual tuition and fee assessment.

New families may begin to accumulate credits immediately upon school registration (forms completed and down payments made) and parish (if applicable). If the tuition has been prepaid, the credit earned shall be rolled forward to the following school year. If you have no children in school the following year, and your tuition has been paid in full, your credit will be given to the school.

St. Bernard SCRIP Program

There is a new SCRIP agreement approved by the Milwaukee Archdiocese. Please take a few minutes to complete the online form as soon as possible. If you prefer, there are paper copies available in the St. Bernard parish office or after Mass at the SCRIP table. It is important for everyone to complete this agreement who wants tuition credit and to direct 25% rebate to Wauwatosa Catholic School as a donation.

SCRIP can be purchased in the St. Bernard Parish Office (7474 Harwood Ave.) during parish office hours (Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm and Fridays 8am-1pm) or purchased before/after Saturday 4pm Mass or Sunday Masses (8am and 10am).

Please contact Christine Meyer, Director of Administrative Services, at St. Bernard Parish with any questions.

St. Pius X SCRIP Program

St. Pius X SCRIP Order Form

SCRIP can be purchased at the St. Pius X Parish Office (2506 Wauwatosa Ave.) Monday - Thursday from 9am - 3pm or in the back of church after all weekend Masses. Please call 414-453-3875 with questions.

Online SCRIP Program

Please do not enroll in PrestoPay via the Great Lakes SCRIP Center without completing the SCRIP purchase agreement form at St. Pius X or St. Bernard Parish. If you enroll online without completing the  purchase agreement form you run the risk on not getting tuition credit. Please contact either parish office with questions.

What is Scrip?

Watch this video to learn how scrip fundraising can help your non-profit, and stick around for the second half to learn about all the extra features on